LEP End Suction Centrifugal Pump


End-suction pump is ideal for large-scale industrial applications. As with all end-suction pumps, the liquid runs directly into the impeller and the inlet and outlet form a 90 angle to each other. The long-coupled design makes the pumps easy to service and maintain.

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Water supply systems
-Pressure boosting
-Heating systems for commercial buildings and district heating
-Cooling plants for industrial processing and air-conditioning units
-General transport for industrial processes
-Firefighting system

Operating Conditions

The pump design complies with BS EN 733/DIN 24255 standards
-Conveying medium: Low viscosity, non-inflammable and non-explosive liquids with no solid particles or fibers
-Speed: 1450/2900 rpm at 50 Hz, 1750/3500 rpm at 60 Hz
-Flow range: 0.5 – 440 l/s
-Head range: 2 – 152 m
-Max. liquid temperature: 105°C
-Liquid pH value: 4 – 10
-Max. operation pressure: 10 bar, 16 bar on request

Scope of Performance