GS Split Case Centrifugal Pump


The GS series split case centrifugal pump is the third innovative generation of highly efficient, double suction pumps. 

This series was developed using advanced technology from both at home and abroad, so that it has a number of features, including a superior hydraulic performance, new reasonable structure, high efficiency and high reliability as well as low cavitations and low maintenance cost.

The design, manufacturing and quality of this series are in accordance with National Standard GB/T5657 (The Technical Specifications of Centrifugal Pumps Type III). 

The efficiency rate meets National Standard GB197692 (Energy Efficiency Limit and Energy-saving Evaluation Value of Centrifugal Pumps for Clear Water.

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The split case centrifugal pumps are used to deliver clear water or other liquids similar in physical and chemical properties, though the primary use of this pump specifically is water supply in firefighting systems.

With corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant material, the centrifugal pump is also used for transferring of industrial waste water, sea water and dirty water with little particles, 

making them suitable for use in supply and drainage systems and cooling systems in iron and steel industries, petrochemical industries, thermo power plants, mines,

urban water supply, heating systems, irrigation and water conservation projects.

Operating Conditions

– Low viscosity, non-inflammable and non-explosive liquids not containing solid particles or fibers.
And the liquid must not chemically attach the pump surface.
– Liquid temperature: -20 – +120℃
– Flow ranges: 0.7 – 240 m3/h
– Liquid pH value: 4 – 10
– Max. ambient temperature: +40℃
– Max. operation pressure: 33 bar

Scope of Performance