BWS Water Supply Booster System

The range of intelligent pressure boosting system BMS-HY is developed based on variable speed control technology, which allows the controlling towards pump pressure within a certain range according to the water consumption with features of complete functions, reliable quality, stable operation and easy maintenance.
BWS water supply system is composed of a pump unit, a pressure tank, a pressure sensor, and accessories. If necessary, auxiliary pumps or pressure tanks can be added in the system.


– Communities, villas, office buildings, high buildings, hotels, restaurants, etc.
– Boilers (cold and hot water)
– Pressure boosting in water plant
– Industrial production
– Cooling water circulation system

Operating conditions

– Power: 380 V, 50 Hz (60 Hz on request)
– Ambient temperature: 4 – 40℃
– Medium: Clean water or other liquids similar to water in physical and chemical properties
– PH value: 5 – 9
– Liquid temperature: 0 – 70℃
– Altitude: up to 1000 m


This device features stable pressure, non-frequent operation, high efficiency, energy saving and low noise, which can be used to replace traditional high-positioned water tanks or water towers.

-24 hour constant and pressure and automatic activation of auxiliary pumps according to pressure signals.

-Smooth start, which eliminates water hammer and extends the service life of motors and pumps.

-Protection against under or over voltage, overcurrent, overheat, overpressure as well as no-load of water 

-Optional functions available on customer’s demand, such as motors in-turn running, sleep mode, etc.

-Digital PID control, which is better than PLC logical control 

-Stable operation and easy handling due to high automation and intelligence level

-100% factory tested with very low failure rate


Constant pressure water supply
-The pressure of pipe network is controlled within a certain range
Alternative operation
-The pumps work by turns according to the present timing. The operation time for each pumps is roughly equal to prolong the service life of the device.
Time function
-Working pressure values in different time can be set to meet the demand of water supply
Sleep mode
-The device goes into sleep mode for energy-saving during the night or the water consumption is very few
Automatic wake-up
-When the pressure of water network reduces to the preset value, the device will be wake up automatically and start to operate
Automatic Reset
-In the event of an inverter failure, the controller will reset the inverter automatically. If the reset time is more that preset number, a display of inverter failure will be generated by the system. Maintenance of the inverter is necessary. 


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